Easter Flowers Prayer Book

In 2014 I began organizing and illustrating a personal book designed for thrice-daily prayer.

Here are some images from the book, with many more in the Easter Flowers Prayer Book category posted as I work on the project.

The title of the prayer book was inspired by little manila pew envelopes left for donations, each stamped in red with the words EASTER FLOWERS. This is a personal and ongoing project for my own use, not something that is available for sale. However, when the project is complete, it will be scanned in its entirety and made available on the Archive.
The sections of the book are loosely modeled on the structure of the Mass and include:

  • Prayer to be said upon rising (Before morning prayer)
  • Opening prayer (1-2 lines, from the Bible, Saints, and traditional sources)
  • “Little Gospel” (1-2 lines from the Gospel)
  • (period of silence)
  • Penitential prayer (Including 2 versions of the Confiteor, the Kyrie Pantokrator, 7 versions of an Act of Contrition, a Litany of Forgiveness, and other various prayers from the Bible, Saints, and traditional sources)
  • The Word of the Lord, i.e., a passage from the Bible (outside of Psalms and the Gospels.). It should be noted that every single book in the Bible is represented in this prayer book, even if only a line or two.
  • Psalms, a section of carefully chosen passages from the book of Psalms.
  • The Gospel of the Lord, a longer Gospel passage than those found in the “Little Gospel.”
  • (period of silence)
  • Prayers of the Saints
  • Collect/Closing prayer.

The last quarter of the book features prayers for various occasions and needs, such as before and after Mass, Holy Communion, and Confession, prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and Acts of Adoration, prayers regarding exorcism that are appropriate for the laity, the prayer of Saint John Chrysostom according to the hours of the day and night, and many more.

While I have paid very careful attention to the texts I’ve selected, their translation and provenance, I haven’t been so concerned with clean layouts, historical accuracy, or perfect reproduction regarding the pieces I’ve borrowed from various medieval illuminated manuscripts. The book is a personal and evolving project, worked on in various environments and under all sorts of conditions and with inconsistent materials. I have, however, faithfully recorded all sources of reproduced images and included them in my index, and also note the sources here in the individual posts.
I’ve almost exclusively used the New/original Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition  of the Bible for this project.

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