Easter Flowers Prayer Book: 2014- present
My personal project designed for thrice-daily prayer, meticulously hand-written and illustrated, including many images after medieval sources.



Textiles & Sewing: 2008-present

Garments, quilting, handbags, fine art: A collection of my work with fabrics.



Photography: 2006-present

Analog and digital photography, including the use of Brownies from various decades, a Holga 120, Holgas modified for the use of 35mm film and for pinhole photography, and other experimental/modified/plastic-lens/toy cameras.



Street Series 2016: Mary and Saints
Hand-painted and drawn details. Hand-cut stencils based on statues, paintings, and prayer cards. Acrylic, spraypaint, oil-based ink pens on adhesive paper.



Street Series 2007-2010: Oh Oblivion
Hand-painted and drawn, some original photography, collage. Acrylic, spraypaint, oil-based ink pens on adhesive paper.