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I have produced many images of Genie Wiley over the years. Here is a small sample:

By the Anguish and Love

(Note: This post was made before my conversion from the Roman church to Eastern Orthodoxy, and the calendar and prayers reflect as much.) Posted in honor of the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows, September 15th (Also celebrated the Friday before Good Friday).

Let the Empty Specters of the Deceiving World Not Drive You Mad

(Note: The following post was made previous to my conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy. I very much acknowledge, recognize and understand the problematic nature of Franciscan spirituality in general; however, I remain inspired by the writings of St. Clare in particular.) Adapted directly and faithfully from Clare’s letter to Ermentrude of Bruges: Gaze upon Him, consider […]

Madonna Lactans

(Featured image: From the 2016 series. After Bernardino Luini’s Nursing Madonna.) “Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you!” -Luke 11:27 In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the icon of the Galaktotrophousa, or “milk-giver”, is celebrated on July 3rd (and/or January 12th).

The Wayfarer Dragged Himself Beyond the Hostile City

These are selections from a 2007-10 street art series, the theme of which was “small things.” At the time it seemed to me that so much of street art was either macho and bombastic, or had a sense of forced cuteness. I wanted to focus on the theme of the small while avoiding a twee […]