Stitching Things Up

I grew up surrounded by artists, art supplies, art in progress, art books, in galleries, and in museums. I grew up seeing furniture repaired and made fabulous, plain walls in little homes elevated with bold colors or faux finishes. I grew up with an appreciation for the vintage, for the carefully selected and well-built. And I grew up with the whir of a sewing machine in the background. As I am currently working on a few sewing projects from my 100/1000 list, namely the quilt, shower curtain, and misc. mending, I’d like to write a bit about sewing projects and working with fabric in general.

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Studies, Etchings, a Veil, and “Witches”

In my stats, I’ve seen visitors to my little shop, which, of course, is empty at the moment. The first zine is fully written and underway, and I’ll keep updating the status of those projects here. In the meantime, this is what has been keeping me so busy! :

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