Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Taking a daily self-portrait is a challenge, because you must be disciplined and patient enough to set aside the time to work for a decent result (unless you’re just aiming for a daily “selfie,” which is fun too!) The greatest challenge of the project, for me, was to keep things interesting, since every day the subject was the same. I also wanted to make sure they didn’t all look like self-conscious self-portraits, but that maybe another hand had been involved.
For n.10 on my 100/1000 list, I’ll only be taking weekly photos, but for nearly three years. That comes out to 144 photos. To kick off the project, I present a series of self-portraits taken over the years.

This first set was taken with an Oktomat camera. I used to collect and repair vintage and experimental cameras, and still enjoy playing around with them from time to time. The Oktomat takes eight sequential shots within about 2.5 seconds, and they’re all printed on the same frame.


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