For those interested in the ongoing issues around the FFI/FSI.

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When we moved to the east coast, we had to set to “parish shopping” which is always a stressful drag. Eventually we tried the TLM Mass at a nearby parish. The Mass was offered by a monk from a nearby friary. They are the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. I checked out their website and wanted to write a simple, happy post here about struggles in finding a parish and how providential it seemed that we would end up within walking distance from a parish with a TLM Mass offered by an FFI priest. And then I learned more about the state of the FFI.

What is happening to the FFI/FSI is relevant to ALL Catholics. This is self-evident. One of the most disturbing things from dissenting members is the message that others shouldn’t be talking about what happened.

Being the internet, there are gross weird comments from all camps on this issue. I’ve included some comments here that I think are relevant and helpful. Gossip and calumny are real and harmful and sinful. This makes tossing around accusations of “gossip and calumny” in order to shut people up who are trying to inform and assist one another all the more disturbing. I recognize that trick and I am not afraid.

I am posting excerpts because sources have disappeared before, but I encourage people to follow through on the links provided.
Updates may be posted here as the situation progresses, or they may not. It seems like the order will simply be suppressed, as higher-ups insist it has died a natural death.

Because there are so many sources and voices below, my comments will be in orange. All images come from the same site as the accompanying text.

Except for the first link (from the US FI website), these are in chronological order, from various sources, not all of whom agree with each other.

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Dressed for the Royal Marriage Feast of the Lamb

(Note: The following post was made previous to my conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.)

For Pentecost, one of my favorite holidays, I would like to share some images I have collected of red vestments from The Met, Altar Worthy, Paramentica, and St. Martha’s Guild.

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