The Wayfarer Dragged Himself Beyond the Hostile City

These are selections from a 2007-10 street art series, the theme of which was “small things.” At the time it seemed to me that so much of street art was either macho and bombastic, or had a sense of forced cuteness. I wanted to focus on the theme of the small while avoiding a twee sensibility.

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Carnival Glitter, a Boy Scout, and the Dragon’s Tail: Civilian Radioactive Incidents

For the last couple of days I’ve been reading about small strange incidents regarding exposure to radioactivity, especially non-military events, or the lesser-known stories on the periphery of larger disasters. It’s utterly fascinating stuff, regardless of your position on the development of nuclear technology.

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This Must Be The Place

We are making a big move at the end of the summer, so travel has been on my mind. This move is different than my past travels. I have a real home here, for the first time since I was a kid, and I am going to move with my tiny family and establish a new home elsewhere. I’m not desperately seeking anything, I’m not trying to escape anything, and my accomplishments do not depend upon being on the road.

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Dressed for the Royal Marriage Feast of the Lamb

For Pentecost, one of my favorite holidays, I would like to share some images I have collected of red vestments from The Met, Altar Worthy, Paramentica, and St. Martha’s Guild.

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Peonies and Poetry Upstate

This summer, M. and I will be traveling to downstate New York to become acquainted with our new home, and so that I can attend orientation for fall quarter. The last time I was in New York was 2009, volunteering at Linwood Gardens through the WWOOF program.

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Out of the Snow, Our Eyes Defiant

(The following is the final in a series of five poems I am posting from The New Russian Poets: 1953 to 1966: An Anthology, selected, edited, and translated by George Reavey. I am also including my original photography with the posts.
This is the second poem by Bella Akhmadulina. For more information on this poet, see the previous post
I dedicate today’s post to my husband.)

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