The Beautiful and Strange Creations of Harry Partch

For M.’s birthday, we are going to the University of Washington to see Oedipus: A Music Theater Drama, as imagined by composer, inventor, musician, Depression-era hobo, philosopher, and instrument builder Harry Partch. Here are some photos I snapped of a couple of his instruments, which are now housed at the University and which we were able to see (and touch, and play!) a couple of years ago:

harry-partsch-exhibit_22988541722_oCloud Chamber Bowls and Bamboo Marimba II (or, “Boo II”)

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Dead Cat on the Line

I first got hold of Folk Songs of North America by Alan Lomax while I was hopping freight, appropriately enough. Lomax rescued the history of the beating heart of America from fading into oblivion, and did so with scholarly precision and personal devotion.

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