….sorry to all who follow, especially those who follow via feeds. That FFI post is most certainly not finished, and it’s a really important one for me.

I’m in my first year as a transfer student at a new University across the country, and I’m starting to paint again after a long hiatus, so I’ve been really busy. There are some half-finished, queued posts that I’ve let slide, which have auto-posted before their time, much to my chagrin and hurried correction.

My apologies! I will stay on top of it in the future (either completing the posts or pushing them back!)

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Bye and Bye

Today’s post features a few of my favorite snapshots I’ve taken around Seattle, Washington. I’m posting these in memory of the town, because M. and I have moved across the country and I start school in two weeks at Binghamton University in central New York as transfer student and Medieval History major! That’s why things have been quiet around here, we’ve both been very busy.

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This Must Be The Place

We are making a big move at the end of the summer, so travel has been on my mind. This move is different than my past travels. I have a real home here, for the first time since I was a kid, and I am going to move with my tiny family and establish a new home elsewhere. I’m not desperately seeking anything, I’m not trying to escape anything, and my accomplishments do not depend upon being on the road.

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Peonies and Poetry Upstate

This summer, M. and I will be traveling to downstate New York to become acquainted with our new home, and so that I can attend orientation for fall quarter. The last time I was in New York was 2009, volunteering at Linwood Gardens through the WWOOF program.

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The Medievalist Wife & The Philosopher Husband Go to New York: A Long-Overdue Update

Hello out there. I’ve been away for quite awhile, and I’m not sorry to say that I haven’t completed my little publication. I’m not sorry, because I’ve been very busy getting up to things such as….

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“I prayed and fasted. I read the mystics. I studied the martyrs…”

An Introduction

My name is Alana Solomon and I am an artist, writer, and Binghamton University undergrad with a concentration in medieval & art history.
I was raised in central California and Seattle, Washington. This blog is my journal, as well as a space for documenting creative processes and art projects and sharing sources of inspiration.
Here is the ever-evolving blogroll, and a bibliography of sources cited in posts.


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