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Art, Design

A-Z (Andrea Zittel): An Institute of Investigative Living
Anthem Screen Printing
Architecture of Doom
Balbusso Twins
Carolyn Friedlander
The Casual Optimist
Delicious Industries
50 Watts
The Film List
Fonts in Use
Grain Edit
McMansion Hell
Montague Projects
The Pelican Project
Project Thirty-Three
Smithsonian Libraries: Czech Book Covers of the 1920’s and 30’s
We Love Typography

Eastern Orthodoxy
(also: Roman Catholicism & Religious Miscellany):

Ancient Faith Ministries
The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology
Death to the World: The Last True Rebellion
Desert Wisdom: Death to the World
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Early Church Fathers: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
How to Be a Perfect Stranger: The Essential Religious Etiquette Handbook
Holy Trinity Monastery / Holy Trinity Publications
Inside the World’s Only Surviving Tattoo Shop for Medieval Pilgrims
The Living God: A Catechism for the Christian Faith
Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry
Orthodox Christianity FAQ: Orthodoxy vs. Catholicism
Orthodox Prayer
The Orthodox Study Bible
St. Herman Monastery / St. Herman Press
12 Things I Wish I’d Known…
What are the Differences Between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism?

Anthropology, History, etc.:

Atlas Obscura
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
I Made the Mistake of Starting a Small Press and So Can You
Restricted Data

Iconography and Liturgical Arts:

Icons and Their Interpretation
The Painted Word! No, We Don’t Write Holy Icons
Orthodox Arts Journal
A Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons