Bye and Bye

Today’s post features a few of my favorite snapshots I’ve taken around Seattle, Washington. I’m posting these in memory of the town, because M. and I have moved across the country and I start school in two weeks at Binghamton University in central New York as transfer student and Medieval History major! That’s why things have been quiet around here, we’ve both been very busy.

gentleman-friend-at-bimbos_22378702924_oM. at Bimbos/Cha-Cha on Pike street in Seattle.

The first time I visited Chicago was in 2001, and I stayed for a few weeks. The last time was on a 5-hour layover coming back from New Orleans. If you’re making an Amtrak connection in Chicago, you’ll probably have a 4-6 hour layover. Back then I took the L to Earwax in Wicker Park. This time, we were able to take Lyft around the downtown area. We considered our Amtrak adventure a sort of bonus honeymoon or mini-vacation, and had a blast in those five hours. And by “a blast,” of course, I mean we went to Mass at St. Peter’s. Okay, we also did some corny tourist stuff: tried a deep-dish pizza (the verdict: it’s good, but it is merely a pizza-type dish. I realize this will cause a stir, but there you have it). And yes, we finally tried Malort.  And I swear to you, I actually like it! I say this completely without sarcasm: if you enjoy the smell of pencil shavings and turpentine, you might like it too. I find cheap whiskey to be much, much nastier. M. says “it tasted like absinthe without any of the good parts. But it wasn’t bad….it just didn’t have any anise.”

Admiring off-brand graphic design at the Gross-Out in Greenwood, Seattle

Upon our arrival in Binghamton, we bought a bed-in-a-box (highly recommend, relatively cheap and incredibly comfortable) and some bedding at Boscov’s and unpacked our Amtrak luggage. Since our huge crate of belongings was still en route, I had packed toilet paper, soap, a cheap shower curtain, a towel, a little tablecloth to turn the luggage into a table, a candlestick and candle, salt and pepper shakers, and a surprise bath-bomb for M. in our train luggage. Small luxuries while traveling make all the difference.

Exploring the P-Patch in Wedgwood, Seattle.

So we are here now, in a beautiful apartment (that would have been totally unaffordable in Seattle), in a lush and grand old part of the country. I feel more at home on the East coast than I ever felt in Seattle. It’s strange to post these pictures, because even though our life there was good, I don’t ever want to go back. I never felt at home on the West coast and I never felt like I fit in with the attitude and culture of Seattle. I’m sick of California, and Oregon doesn’t have anything for us either. We may move around the East coast and come to visit the West, but unless there is some incredible opportunity (or geographically particular tragedy), I know we won’t return there to live.

MothraI do miss having chickens, though.
Mothra in the backyard of the Greenwood apartment.

Featured image:
From our livingroom in Wedgwood, Seattle.
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Solomon, Alana. “Bye and Bye.” Ortolana Studio & Press. Ortolana Studio & Press, 10 August 2017.

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