A Resting Place in the Wild

(Note: The following post was made previous to my conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.)

For the special devotion of the Church, during the month of June, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a beautiful vintage prayer card from the now-shuttered blog Holy Card Heaven.

sacred-heart-for-all-is-the-heart-of-jesus-open-resting-place-in-the-wild-the-heart-of-jesus-is-a-place-of-peace-for-the-poor-wanderer-through-this-life“For all the heart of Jesus is open.
A resting place in the wild.
The Heart of Jesus is a place of peace for the poor wanderer throughout this life.”

Citing this page:
Solomon, Alana. “A Resting Place in the Wild.” Ortolana Studio & Press. Ortolana Studio & Press, 24 June 2017.

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