Baby, I Want To Keep My Reputation

The whisper-singing. The jumpsuits or dresses, always in black-and-white. The fluid movements. The eyebrows.

Please enjoy this thoroughly charming and hypnotically weird 1977 music video, brought to you by Spanish duo Baccara. From an Independent piece on European disco imports in general, and Baccara in particular:

Often the results of [the] melding of foreign accents, bad diction, bizarre arrangements and lightweight production, usually top-heavy with strings, were headache-inducing…But sometimes signature melody, production zing and mesmerising power would unite [in] electric ecstasy. A prime example is the Spanish duo Baccara with their enormous pan-European hit of 1977, “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”.

The mythos of Baccara includes tales of being disinvited from nightclub gigs for being “too elegant,” as well as a confusing list of Baccara line-ups, some of which were performing under the same name at the same time. Enjoy the original Baccara and their biggest hit, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie:

If you haven’t gotten your fill of oddly demure disco, check out another Baccara classic: “Sorry, I’m a Lady.”

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