One Hundred in One Thousand

Years ago I came across a website that encouraged people to make a list of 100 things they wanted to accomplish in the next 1000 days.

The site also tried to foster a sort of Goodreads-style community around the concept. I wasn’t interested in joining the site itself, but I did make a list. I am not unique in finding list-making to be a helpful way of organizing thoughts and making plans. Unfortunately, at the time, I was in no place to be planning let alone executing the next 1000 days of my life! But that was years ago, and I think it’s about time I give it a more thoughtful and healthy go.

Here’s the list.
Start date: April 26th, 2017. Finish: January 21st, 2020.
Items are purple when completed and will link to any corresponding blog post here.
Note: A few things are private. “M.” is my husband. Also: All entries tagged #100 in 1000 should show a count-down widget in footer.
(By the way, that’s n.17 in progress in the banner image!)

1. Finish AA at SCC
2. Start at University
3. Finish math requirements
4. Finish science requirements
5. Earn BA

6. Find new parish after moving
7. Find TLM parish to visit if new one doesn’t have it
8. Find parish for regular Adoration if new one is too far or doesn’t match schedule
9. “Seven Churches” on a Maundy Thursday

Arts, Sewing, Writing
10. Weekly self-portrait photographs: Update: I honestly cannot be bothered at the moment! I was going to do this project through the entire 1000 days, but I think I will only do it for 365. 
11. Monthly photo of M.
12. All old film developed
13. Attempt negative transfer  Update: This barely worked, and I tried a few different iterations of the little silver box. It was a fun experiment though.
14. Finish prayer book
15. Build new mobile
16. Print series
17. Skull piece finished
18. Portrait of M.
19. Hang art
20. Sand and paint dining-room table- see here
21. Finish quilt with M.
22. Make a shower curtain (link to instagram post)
23. Sew covers for crucifixes and statues for Lent
24. Finish mending/altering/lengthening dresses
25-27. (private)
28. Make a cloak
29. Do something with wedding dress and veil
30. Make handbag
31. Make seat cushions for chairs
32. Finish couch pillows
33. Finish all mending before moving to NY
34. Finish M.’s secret present
35. Make prayer cards for the shop
36. Finish Witch zine and stock
37. Finish wedding album
38. Finish photo album
39. Make time capsule

Cooking and little hobbies
40. Make Minni di Virgini cakes
41. Make mince pie
42. Make smörgåstårta, aka smörgåscake
43. Cook a goose
44.. Have a dinner party with medieval period-correct food
45. ” ” but for the duration of Lent
46. Grow sweet violets
47. Watch all the movies on the Jesus Movie Master List

48. Write to Dr. C. & Dr. D.
49. Write to Fr. S. & Fr. M.
50. Finish thank-you notes with photos and send off all packages, including to Deep Sea & Gainsbourg
51. Send “We Moved” postcards to friends/family
52. (private)

Loose Ends
53-58. (private)
59. Haul away junk

60. Stay at the beach cabin in Oregon
61. Retreat w/M.
62. Retreat alone
63. Silent retreat
64. Take a train together
65. Move across the country
66. Find a new cafe, bar, grocery store, and explore new neighborhood
67. MoMA
68. The Met
69. The Cloisters
70. Go to Bergdorf-Goodman’s, see the windows, buy perfume
71. Visit California family
72. Return to New Orleans, go to Mass, drink slushies in the street
73. Return to Linwood Gardens
74. Return to Chicago and try Malört
75. Go birdwatching in NY
76. Go to Mass in NYC
77. Visit a first-class relic
78. Go to Europe
79. Go to Mass in Europe with M.
80. Visit the PNW again after a time

Of the Body
81. Go to the little spa
82-85. (private)
86. Improve flexibility
87. Lessen back pain
88. Increase strength
89. Practice 15 “Early Modern” dances from the list
90. Practice 2 “Misc. Folk” dances from the list
91. Practice 3 “1800’s-early 1900’s” dances from the list
92. Practice 9 “1910’s-30’s” dances from the list
93. Practice 5 “1930’s-50’s” dances from the list
94. Practice 7 “1950’s-60’s” dances from the list
95. Finger tattoos re-done
96. Wrists done
97. Bald Man tattoo touched up
98. Hip tattoo text touched up
99. Re-do piece on back
100. New piece on right shoulder

Citing this page:
Solomon, Alana. “One Hundred in One Thousand.” Ortolana Studio & Press. Ortolana Studio & Press, 25 Apr. 2017.

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