….sorry to all who follow, especially those who follow via feeds. That FFI post is most certainly not finished, and it’s a really important one for me.

I’m in my first year as a transfer student at a new University across the country, and I’m starting to paint again after a long hiatus, so I’ve been really busy. There are some half-finished, queued posts that I’ve let slide, which have auto-posted before their time, much to my chagrin and hurried correction.

My apologies! I will stay on top of it in the future (either completing the posts or pushing them back!)

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He Stirs and Soothes and Pierces My Heart

Today is the feast day of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the man who wanted only to live the simple life of a cloistered Cistercian monk, but ended up traveling the world, advising Popes, scattering heretical sects, and much more.

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Things That Seem Incredible

In the spirit of school starting in little over a week, here are some free talks for the medieval/early-modern history fans out there, especially those interested in the body, food, illness, punishment, and so on. (I’ve also thrown in one lecture on early medieval Latin song with my dear M. in mind.)
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Let the Empty Specters of the Deceiving World Not Drive You Mad

Adapted directly and faithfully from Clare’s letter to Ermentrude of Bruges:

Gaze upon Him,
consider Him,
contemplate Him,
as you desire to imitate Him.

This labor of ours is brief, but the reward is eternal;
do not be disturbed by the clamor of the world, which passes like a shadow;
let the empty specters of the deceiving world not drive you mad;
shut your ears to the whispers of hell and, strong, break down its attempts against you.
Pray and be always vigilant.  

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Bye and Bye

Today’s post features a few of my favorite snapshots I’ve taken around Seattle, Washington. I’m posting these in memory of the town, because M. and I have moved across the country and I start school in two weeks at Binghamton University in central New York as transfer student and Medieval History major! That’s why things have been quiet around here, we’ve both been very busy.

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The Married Saints

“I am longing to be near you, my dear Louis. I love you with all my heart, and I feel my affection so much more when you’re not here with me. It would be impossible for me to live apart from you.”
Zelie, in a letter to Louis

Today is the feast day of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, not the first married Saints by far, but the first married pair to be canonized as a couple..

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Madonna Lactans

“Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you!” -Luke 11:27

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the icon of the Galaktotrophousa, or “milk-giver”, is celebrated on July 3rd (and/or January 12th).

From the marvelous blog A Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons:

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